ThetaHealing® Basic DNA

You are your world. All you can do is to change it.

You create your world based on the beliefs you receive and inherit. You don’t know how to change your life and fulfill your dreams even if you are unhappy and live in misery. The obstacles you meet are the restrictions within you. Build your life with your own material, without restrictions and limitations, put your life in order. Come to the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA seminar and discover your God-given talents.

Allow yourself to touch the sky, vision and enjoy the journey that you dream of, consciously, with love and respect to yourself.

Relieve your emotional body, change your subconscious beliefs. You have the ability to change your life and live the reality you wish. During the ThetaHealing® Basic DNA you will be taught powerful techniques that will allow you to change the beliefs that you always wished to change and you continually repeated, affecting every aspect of your life: health, relations, finance, work. LEARN THE SECRET TO CREATE THE LIFE YOU WISH AND DREAM.

Join us to the wonderful journey towards your happiness. You will learn how to increase your intuition, practice ThetaHealing® in order to heal yourself and others, connect to the Creator of All That is.

You will be able to change at once all beliefs and behavior patterns that create obstacles in your life, depriving you from happiness, freedom and health.

You will be able to realize the power of your though, and how to change all negative thoughts so as to create your own happy reality and live the life you always wished.

During the 3-day seminar you will learn the techniques that allow you to change life patterns held in place by core, genetic, historic and soul beliefs, either self-inflicted or externally imposed.

How to release old fears, anger, bitterness and rejection, and how to create new feelings.

How Vianna Stibal discovered Theta Healing.

You will be taught the five brain waves, and how you can access the theta waves.

How to use muscle testing of held beliefs and feelings through applied kinesiology.

How to identify your basic limiting.