anna theta therapyAnna Kyriakidou was born and raised at the outskirts of Thessaloniki, in Koufalia, she is a graduate of both the Physiotherapy and the Nursing department and works as a physical therapist and a nurse.
She has dealt with energy healing therapies, she has the “Master” degree in Reiki and she has also been trained in Thai Massage and the McKenzie method.

She has also participated in Insight international experiential personal growth seminars. In addition, she has taken courses with Robert Camb and acquired the Professional level in Destiny Cards.
She has been working with elderly people as well as with people from every age group since 1989. She has worked for many years in psychological support groups, acquiring knowledge and healing experiences in the field of Psychotherapy.

Her rich experience, which she gained through the contact with fellow men and women in relation to the health issues they were facing, has led her to seek new and radical healing ways. She had already realized that the conditions of the people she treated on a daily basis were results of the convictions each of them carried from their conception onwards. Her instinct then, led her to the discovery of the therapeutical method that Vianna Stibal had initiated known as the (ThetaHealing®) Therapy, which is a method of self-awareness and therapy on a psychological and physical level as well as a way of personal growth.

Healing abilities are within ourselves and enable us all to heal ourselves or others. Anna firmly believes that we are all the healers of our lives. It is us who can create a better future for ourselves in every aspect of our lives in the ways that we will select. She witnessed the beneficial effects the method had by applying it to herself and her kin and hence decided to lovingly and faithfully spread its benefit to people around her. She has a vision; to see healthy and happy people in a healthier and much better environment. Theta Healing opens the door to a balanced and plentiful life.