We are in this life to experience all relationships and conquer the virtues of love. One kind of love is the love that soul mates experience. A relationship where we love with no limits and fears.
What is a soul mate? To some people, a soul mate is a person that they met in some other time or place. Most people, by nature, wish for an intimate, existing love relationship in their life. The most important thing is to meet that person, that they feel secure and comfortable with. In reality, there are seven types of soul mates.
Which soul mate are you looking for? Are you ready for the most compatible soul mate? Are you ready to invite your soul mate in your life, or is it easier for you to search for it?
If you fear to fall in love and love without limits, if you fear to connect to your soul mate, seek the subconscious programs which prevent you from true love before you ask to meet the most compatible life partner for you. People usually repeat love relationship patterns and attract common positive or negative beliefs. You must learn to love yourself before being able to love someone else.
It is important that you invite your soul mate in your life, not because it is your other half, but because people are born to experience true love with a compatible soul mate in their lives. There is someone for everybody. Clarify your thoughts in order to invite and meet the most compatible soul mate, physically, mentally and spiritually.
The ThetaHealing® Soul Mate seminar is specifically designed to help you find and identify the most compatible soul mate, as well as release all negative subconscious programs, which prevent you from identifying true love in your life. This seminar is for all ages, ideal for teenagers and young adults who wish to lay healthy foundations in their personal lives. It is also ideal for older people, that are either alone, or in a relationship and they want to experience enthusiasm and rejuvenation in their life.
The ThetaHealing® Soul Mate seminar is the key to unlock all genital beliefs that prevent you from meeting the most compatible soul mate. Your life will open to love and you will be able to discover your spiritual strengths. You will learn how to experience an intimate love relationship by changing your negative beliefs. You will find out whether there are intimacy or sexuality issues in your life, issues that relate to your self-esteem, fears and resentment that affect your soul mates. Beliefs that have to do with love, control, domination and self-esteem. You will find out whether you hold the role of the victim when you are involved in a relationship. You will be taught how to rekindle an existing relationship and how to balance between being a parent and a lover. You will realize how you repeat old patterns in new love relationships and how to create new patterns that serve your happiness and balance in relationships.
Prerequisites: Theta Healing® Basic DNA, Theta Healing® Advanced DNA
Duration: 2 days
You will receive:
1. Practitioner Manual

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