You can hold in your hands anything you dream.
In this seminar you will be taught how to find the blocking beliefs referring to the lack of wealth, internal balance, love, spiritual growth or any other aspect of life that is connected to abundance. If you really want to see your plans come true and have abundance in your life you must be in position to attract and create the things you wish for yourself. Every statement, though and action mirror what you manifest in your life. If you constantly say that you are poor, then you will be poor. If you say that you are abundant, then you will be abundant.
The seminar will teach you how to create your own reality. You will be given all tools you need in order to have abundance in your life. You will learn how to materialize in Theta state. To find out the blocks on your abundance, and realize that they are rarely connected to money. You will learn to have in your life the relationships you wish in all aspects of life, personally, professionally, family and friends. You will learn to recharge with positive energy your personal space and items and rooms, the planet you live on. You will work with an amazing questionnaire of 100 negative beliefs, that will assist you to find out your hidden blocks that do not allow you to connect to abundance.

Prerequisites: Theta Healing® Basic DNA, Theta Healing® Advanced DNA
Duration: 3 Days
You will receive:
1. Practitioner Manual
2. The ThetaHealing Abundance Meditation cd
3. Certification from THInK® institute that certifies you as Advanced ThetaHealer®.

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